Automatic Cooler with Air Cooling Famous in Chinese

Cooler operating principle
The fishmeal enters into the machine from the feeding inlet, and entirely contacts with the air, in the finish reaches the temperature and discharges from the outlet. During the conveying method, the fishmeal is in make contact with with the wall of the equipment and the heat is transferred to the wall , the cooling h2o enters into the cooling layer from the inlet pipeline, then the cooling water takes absent the heat in buy to lessen the temperature, so achieves the impact. The very hot air is discharged from the collecting channel and entered into the cyclone dust collector, the scorching air is discharged to the ambiance by means of the air pump, minor dust is retained in the container. The sizzling drinking water is out flowed from the outlet pipeline and discharged immediately.

1.two attribute of the cooler
a.Adopted the air cooling, if the temperature is too higher, the machine can use the h2o cooling in order to get the excellent cooling result.
b. Immediately and ongoing uniformity
c. Linked with the chain, excellent result and continual relocating
d. The shell is sealed in get to hold the clear environment.
e. In the course of the processing, the fishmeal is smashed absolutely and completely speak to with the air.

Steam Dried Fishmeal  Approach is established to be the most effective way to make fishmeal and fish oil. It was first introduced in late 80s by HangCZPT Fishmeal CZPT, with 30 year’s of experience, HangCZPT has developed into an skills fishmeal producer and ranked #1 in China
Uncooked materials is cooked, pressed, and dried. Then the fish liquid is purified in a tricanter and centrifuge to make feed quality fish oil with less than1% moist. The complete procedure is immediately operated. 

(1). National well-known brand, nicely trusted by thousans of customers alongside the world. 
(two). The de-fat steam dried fish food is of larger protein content, for a longer time storage time.
(three). Reduced energy usage.( About sixty% as ahead of)
(four). The byproduct fish oil also has quite good market value
(5). Automatic processing technique demands less employee.
(six). The evaporator tends to make increased protein content material in fish meal and saves vitality
(seven). The deodorizer helps make significantly less pollution.

The total plant consists of screw conveyor, cooker, push, trcanter, dryer, centrifuge, evaporator, boiler, electrical controller and other accessories.


Automatic Cooler with Air Cooling Famous in Chinese