Bulk Grain Mobile Conveyor 650mm

CZPT type : hydraulic cellular grain conveyor

CZPT design: cell parallel
 mobile horizontal telescope
cellular telescope
cellular express winnowing

Used grain bulk , deal express and little particles express , load, stacking and so on. Belt width usual 600mm, 650mm and 800mm.

conveyor electrical power: 656kw   
turning electricity: .25kw 
telescope electricity: .75kw
Turing degree: + 90

Design Info Capacity Helpful
TDSL TDSQ 600 650 800
a hundred-150   T/hour
Bulk grain
Little particles
mobile parallel 600 650 800 one hundred-150  T/hour Horizontal convey bulk or package deal grain
Cell horizontal telescope
600 650 800 eighty-one hundred twenty
Range of Particles
cellular telescope 600 650 800   thirty
T /hour
Express,stacking,loading,discharging bulk or package deal grains
mobile express winnowing 600 650 800 Straight
Express ,winnowing


Bulk Grain Mobile Conveyor 650mm