Ce ISO Certified Frequency Inverter for Crane

                                                  Item Description 

Solution for C900 in electrical chain hoist 

    CZPTal chain hoist with the inverter utilized in it is identified as Frequency modified electrical cable hoist , the overall performance of the total equipment has enhanced a lot soon after it utilizes the inverter as its travel and it has the traits of smoothly and stably likely up and down as properly as reaching an exact positioning to the hanging objects.

    And just take the comprehensive self-defending function of inverter, like it can alarm in time and cease when more than present, overloading,in excess of voltage etc… occurs into consideration, it reduce the growing in temperature of the motor, lower the breakdown of the CZPT hoist and boost its security.


Characteristics and benefit of C900

– Attributes of Inverter particular for CZPTal chain hoist  

– It has a compact composition
– It has a particular design and style for warmth radiation
– It has a perform of running end
– It can be utilized with all types of CZPTal chain hoist.


Rated Specification 

Input voltage(V) Rated power(kW) Rated current(A) Motor power(kW)
220V/1PH one.5 seven .seventy five
220V/1PH two.2 ten one.five
220V/1PH three.seven 16 2.two
380V/3PH one.5 three.7 .seventy five
380V/3PH two.two five 1.five
380V/3PH 3.7 eight.six two.2


Remedy for C900 in electrical cable hoist 


  CZPTal cable hoist is a widespread, light and tiny lifting equipment, it can be mounted on the mono spar, shift horizontally, right lift the merchandise vertically and do the loading and unloading operation to the merchandise on the provided location. The motor of CZPTal cable hoist uses the motor handle method of cone. 

    Whilst the earlier CZPTal hoist will not use the management of inverter, the current and mechanical shock would be extremely massive throughout the commencing-up, the lifting hook would even slide when the coordination of time or buy unsuccessful and the pace of going up and down also are unable to be managed. Right after that, the functioning overall performance has been enhanced a good deal when the inverter was adopted in the CZPT hoist to alter the frequency change of the electrical power suppliers and handle the rotary pace of motor.

Attributes and advatages of C900

– This is for the CZPTal cable and chain hoist which have the cone rotor motor specific use
– The management on present vectors is of high effectiveness
– The high resolution ratio and secure inspection on the placement of magnetic pole can both assist to attain a stable start-up
– The S curve acceleration, therefore generating the acceleration and deceleration quite stable
– The pace accuracy is +-.two%, the torque precision is +-5%.


Rated specification of C900

Design Input voltage(V) rated output power(kW) Rated input current(A) Rated output current(A) Motor power(kW)
C900-3T3.seven 380V/3PH 3.7 10 8.six two.two
C900-3T5.5 380V/3PH five.five 15 twelve.5 3.seven
C900-3T7.5 380V/3PH seven.five 20 17.5 5.5
C900-3T11 380V/3PH 11 26 24 7.five
C900-3T15 380V/3PH fifteen 35 33 eleven
C900-3T18.5 380V/3PH eighteen.5 38 40 15
C900-3T22 380V/3PH 22 46 forty seven 18.5
C900-3T30 380V/3PH 30 62 sixty five 22
C900-3T37 380V/3PH 37 seventy six 80 30
C900-3T45 380V/3PH 45 ninety 90 37
C900-3T55 380V/3PH 55 a hundred and five a hundred and ten 45
C900-3T75 380V/3PH seventy five 140 152 fifty five
C900-3T90 380V/3PH ninety one hundred sixty 176 75
C900-3T110 380V/3PH 110 210 210 90
C900-3T132 380V/3PH 132 240 255 110
C900-3T160 380V/3PH 160 290 305 132


Ce ISO Certified Frequency Inverter for Crane