China Conveyor Manufacturers Supply M Series Conveyor Chain with Attachments

China CZPT Producers source M Sequence CZPT Chain with Plate Attachment

M Sequence conveyor chains are Component of our comprehensive electrical power conveyor merchandise, M Sequence conveyor chains and M Collection components supply robust functionality in the most demanding programs. 

Featuring a vast range of pitch dimensions, thicknesses and tensile strengths, M Sequence conveyor chains are CZPT:
1.With out roller
2.With small S roller
three.With P big roller
four.With F flanged roller

ISO Chain No. P L G d4 F W h4
M20 40. _ 14. six.6 27. forty. 16.
50. _ 14.
63. 20. 35.
eighty. 35. 50.
M28 fifty. _ 20. nine. 32 forty seven twenty
sixty three. _ 20.
eighty. 25. forty five.
100. forty. sixty.
M40 sixty three. _ 31. nine. 35. 50. twenty five.
80. twenty. 45.
100 forty. sixty.
one hundred twenty five. 65. eighty five.
M56 sixty three. _ 22. eleven. forty four. 61. 30.
eighty. _ 30.
100. 25. 50.
a hundred twenty five. fifty. seventy five.
one hundred sixty. 85. a hundred and ten.
M80 eighty. _ thirty. 11. forty eight. 65. 35.
100. twenty five. 50.
125. 50. seventy five.
a hundred and sixty. 85. a hundred and ten.
two hundred. 125. 150.
M112 eighty. _ 28. fourteen. 55. eighty. forty.
a hundred. _ forty.
one hundred twenty five. 35. sixty five.
a hundred and sixty. 65. ninety five.
two hundred. one hundred. one hundred thirty.
M160 100. _ 30. fourteen. 62. eighty five. forty five.
one hundred twenty five. 25. fifty.
a hundred and sixty. 50. 80.
two hundred. 85. one hundred fifteen.
250. one hundred forty five. a hundred seventy five.
H224 a hundred twenty five. _ 35. 18. 70. one hundred ten. 55.
a hundred and sixty. _ 60.
two hundred. sixty five. a hundred.
250. 125. one hundred sixty.
315. 190. 230.
H315 one hundred sixty. _ 35. eighteen. eighty. a hundred and fifteen. sixty five.
two hundred. fifty. 85.
250. one hundred. one hundred forty.
315. a hundred and fifty five. one hundred ninety.
four hundred. a hundred and fifty five. 205.

Observe: “-” implies attachments with one particular hole


one) When buying attachment chains, please specify foundation chain number, types (or styles) of attachment, attachment spacing and packed chain duration. For case in point, 16BNP-K2X2L-80L implies the base chain is BS/DIN regular quick pitch precision roller chain 16B, related with K2 attachments every second hyperlink, and the chain is packed in eighty hyperlinks for every length like one connecting website link, equally the foundation chain and attachments are nickel-plated.

2) If feasible, supply a drawing of sketch to keep away from glitches or confusion of design and style and assembly. If attachment chains are to be utilized in pairs, please advise us so that assembled chain lengths can be matched appropriately.

3) All products are CZPT in zinc-plated (ZP), nickel-plated (NP), copper-plated (CP), dacrCZPTed (DT), and stainless steel (SS) variations. Hollow pin (HP) and aspect bow (SB) versions are also CZPT.

4) Manufactured to buy attachments are CZPT on ask for. For the information of foundation chain, make sure you visit BS/DIN CZPT Roller Chains.

China Conveyor Manufacturers Supply M Series Conveyor Chain with Attachments