Food Grade Stainless Steel Frame Plastic Modular Chain Conveyor

Meals Quality Stainless Steel Frame CZPT Modular Chain CZPT

1. Manufacturer or trading company :   Manufacturer
two.  Location :     Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district , ZheJiang
three.  Selling markets:   CZPTpe, American, Australia, Asia, Africa
four.  CZPTized:     Available for CZPT designs
5.  Delivery time:   15 – 30days
6.  Warranty period:    1 year

Solution Description:
Chain plate conveyor chain plate requirements: straight chain plate width of 63.5, 82.five, one hundred and one.6, 114.three, 152.four, one hundred ninety.5, 254, 304.8 switch chain plate width of eighty two.five, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 304.8.
Principal Attributes:
one. Chain plate conveyor to regular chain plate for bearing area, by motor reducer generate
2. We can across a plurality of rows of chain plate parallel, that the chain plate conveyor is broad and the development of differential
3. Transportation in the situation CZPT extrusion variable for one delivery using multi row chain plate speed errand columns, so as to satisfy the prerequisite for beverage labeling, filling and cleansing equipment of one delivery
4. Two chain plate conveyor head and tail created of overlapping type of combined chain make the bottles (cans) in dynamic condition of over
5. The conveying line does not continue being substance can meet up with the vacant bottle and a sound cylinder force and non pressure conveying.

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Food Grade Stainless Steel Frame Plastic Modular Chain Conveyor