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Product Title:Forklift mast assembly
Merchandise Product: Forklift mast assembly MJ-H28N8-00041-HL

Item Description
Item Name Forklift mast assembly
 (HL3.5T / four.7M)
P/N MJ-H28N8-00041-HL       
Applied Model For CZPT 3.5T forklift (HELI legitimate components)
Internet Weight (kg) one hundred ninety
Gross Fat (kg) 200
Qty for each Carton 1
Carton Measurement (cm) 225*118*fifty three

Forklift mast elements fork roller bearing

Forklift mast is forklift functioning system for lifting goods. The forklift mast is composed of mast parts these kinds of as inner mast, outer mast, fork, fork bracket, chain, sheave, forklift mast bearing, lifting cylinder and tilting cylinder. The internal and outer masts of the forklift are door-kind frames each and every getting two still left and correct columns, which are linked by different figures of upper, center, and reduce beams. The columns are not only the primary ingredient carried by the mast, but also the guide rail for lifting motion of the fork carriage.

Forklift mast columns have grooves, I-shapes, and other special styles part. The materials are primarily minimal-alloy steel. The remaining and proper columns are related by two to three beams to form a body structure and then nested together. The higher cabinet is mounted with rollers on the internal and outer door frames.

There are four sorts of masts as to two-stage, 3-phase and 4-stage mast. The simplex two phase complete cost-free mast forklift is very best for shifting masses about the warehouse and in and out of vans when only one stacked. When needing to reach larger than what the simplex can attain, use the duplex, triplex and quad masts.

Forklift mast areas generally consists of: internal mast beam, outer mast channel, fork, fork pin, fork sleeve, bearing roller, sprocket, sheave, backrest, bracket, atttachment.  has full variety forklift elements for CZPT Hangcha TCM JAC Tailift Lonking Liugong Goodsense, remember to speak to us for a lot more choices when you acquire forklift elements. 


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Heli JAC Tcm Tailift Lonking Forklift Truck Spare Parts Mast Seat Fork Sleeve Roller Bracket Wheels Tire Bearing Fork