High Precision Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Plate Bending Machine

A single overview

     The smart arc bending machine is the unique arc bending products for subway chute is researched, produced and created by ourselves ZheJiang YongHong equipment co., ltd.Employing automated payment engineering.The radius of curved arc can be modified according to the compensation of laser rangefinder to ensure the precision of curved arc.
Relative to other related products at property and abroad, the product has a wider range of adaptability, can adapt to distinct kinds, diverse radius of curved radian, use detection suggestions, automated compensation ways to routinely adjust curved radius, it simplifies the operation, lowers the gear using the problems, and can increase the curved precision gear, with exceptional economic and social rewards.

Two  The theory of operating

     CZPT arc bending equipment Makes use of generate motor and reducer to right link with drive wheel,
The driving wheel drives each and every pushed wheel to rotate via equipment transmission, therefore driving the groove to move CZPT. The deceleration ratio of all driving modes is fixed to guarantee the groove to transfer CZPT in accordance to the established pace.
In the center of the products, a set of laser rangefinder is set between two driven wheels to detect the length between the channel floor and the laser rangefinder, that is, it can reflect the alter in the thickness of the channel
If the worth is unchanged, carry on to stick to the established arc arc bending operation If the benefit adjustments, according to the quantity of adjust comments to the servo motor manage method to travel the arc bending, so as to immediately adjust and modify the wheel set extension distance to adapt to the demands of the groove arc bending.
The self-locking operate of the worm gear reducer geared up with the servo motor can properly steer clear of the problem of inaccurate arc bending or gear harm triggered by spring back in the process of groove arc bending.

A few Item benefit

   1. The arc bending radius can be transformed at any time according to the adjust of groove thickness by adopting automatic payment engineering, which effectively solves the dilemma of straight line generated by arc bending that are not able to be solved by other arc bending gear.
two.The transmission method adopts coupling direct connection or gear meshing transmission to steer clear of chain transmission, belt transmission and other transmission ratio imprecise transmission mode, so as to guarantee the groove moves CZPT at a steady speed and increase the detection precision, hence guaranteeing the arc bending accuracy.
 3.The bearings employed in the outer bracket are all specially CZPT, and the outer ring of the bearing is thickened to enhance the anti-extrusion potential of the bearing and make sure the service life of the equipment.
four. The front and rear movement of the arc bending assist pushed by the servo motor is guided by the bilateral linear guide rail, which is precise to guarantee that the arc bending assistance can transfer CZPT and backward in accordance with the set trajectory.
 5.The worm equipment reducer matched with the servo motor has the self-locking purpose, which can avoid the incidence of issues this sort of as the curve curve alter caused by the rebound in the method of groove arc bending.
6.The outer areas of all rotating components are geared up with a protecting include. The feeding stop is equipped with a feeding system, and the unloading finish is outfitted with a unloading system. It is effortless and secure for employees to function, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of staff but also stop the incidence of basic safety accidents.
7.The electrical handle system can check the operating problem of the products in actual time for a extended time by connecting the detection strategies these kinds of as alarm indicator mild.


High Precision Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Plate Bending Machine