Low Cost Small CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Y3150K

Lower cost  Small cnc Gear Hobbing Machine Y3150K


Item Description

      The device is appropriate for processing a variety of cylindrical spur gears, helical gears and worm equipment .
*The equipment is ideal for single-piece production and mass generation,As planning a number of the same sort of equipment tool ,the most reasonable strategy is to independent a certain amount of equipment tools made for ending reducing ,to make certain the device is operating nicely.
*The device has adequate rigidity, when the machine slicing gears ,it can processe to the wanted depth of the teeth in once time, also could reducing in numerous times (layered cuting), when layered slicing we need to comply with specified principles to change every single time slicing parameters, this sort of as the selection of proper slicing speed, feed charge and reasonable precision of chopping depth ,and set up the workpiece  accurately , the machine can make the 7 quality precision gears.
* As the equipment has the hydraulic balancing system to equilibrium the reducing resistance of the knife relaxation,  the device also can be employed for sleek milling to improve machine productiveness.
* The machine is outfitted with a knife relaxation rapidly-transferring system and routinely stopping device  when ending slicing, so the machine is not only broadly utilized in gear chopping, and straightforward to run, also could be multi-equipment administration.

The main specification : 

Main technological parameters  Y3150K
Max doing work module   steel  (mm)  5
 Cast  iron(mm)  6
Length among tailstock end face and worktable surface (mm) 380~850mm
Distance among hob axis and worktable  surface (mm) 235~535mm
Middle length between hob and worktable(mm) twenty~330mm
Max.function piece dia. (mm) five hundred
Max.width of teeth (mm) 250
Max.hob diameter/duration(mm) one hundred sixty/160mm
Dia.of worktable(mm)  510mm
Spindle pace/methods(rpm) forty~250rpm/nine
Max.hob change axial(mm) 55mm
Major motor 5.5kw/1500rpm
Worktable bore diameter 80mm
Function arbor dia. 30mm
 Gross excess weight/Internet weight 5300/4500kg
Total dimensions(L*W*H)mm 2450*1272*1790 

The primary function :

one.Making use of 4-axis CNC program to achieve four-axis linkage

2.Machinable straight teeth, helical, small taper, drum and other equipment,

three.helical enamel can be effortlessly 45 ° profile

4.Machinable splines, less tooth and other unique gear equipment

5.Device mattress, column and other main castings using substantial-rib plate composition and massive rectangular plastic rail, compact structure, powerful dynamic and dynamic

6.Equipment rotation chain is quick, high precision, processing accuracy can get to 6 The spindle adopts substantial-electrical power servo motor, which can understand stepless velocity regulation in cutting range

7.Tailstock leading hydraulic automated management

Product Particulars

Packing shipping and delivery
For machine: usually by sea  
For documents: by intercontinental specific, eg. DHL,TNT or EMS.
For packing :Cost-free fumigation plywood packaging metal foundation
our service
1. CZPT support on-line support supplied.
two. CZPT documents services supplied.
three. Equipment procedure video offered
four. On-site instruction services provided.
5.CZPT areas alternative and repair support provided.
6 All of the questions will be replied inside of 8 hours
seven. If you need to have to create items with your personal specification, we can    help you to operate it  out.
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Low Cost Small CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Y3150K