OTR Tire Protection Chain, 23.5-25 20.5-25 Protection

OTR Tire Security Chain

TYRE Safety CHAIN&colon

TYRE Protection CHAIN–20&period5X25

TYRE Defense CHAIN–twenty&period5X25

TYRE Defense CHAIN–23&period5X25

TYRE Protection CHAIN 26&period5X25

TYRE Defense CHAIN 29&period5X25&bsol

one&time period We assure aggressive pricing&comma prompt shipping and delivery and good services&comma and are hunting for competent distributors CZPT&comma offering market place safeguard and tyre warrenty policies to defend our consumers extended-phrase benefits&time period
two&time period Solution line involves Solid tires&comma Agricluture & Apply tires&comma CZPT tires&comma skid ster tires&comma OTR&comma Trailer tires&comma rubber tracks&comma rims and tire push machine&comma tire changer and many others&interval
3&interval Our certificates&colon ISO&comma ECE&comma DOT&comma INMETRO
4&period Top quality warranty for 80&period000KM&comma three many years&interval
5&interval Substantial high quality tyres with prompt supply and competitive pricing&time period
six&interval We also have some cooperated makes&comma this sort of as Boto&comma Hilo&comma CZPT star and so on&comma if you are fascinated&comma remember to truly feel free of charge to speak to us&time period
seven&period of time Range of Designs for customers select from as beneath&comma if a lot more information required&comma make sure you feel free of charge to contact L-Guard Tire at MP&colon -18766202609&comma or enquiry us by Alibaba&interval Thanks&period

CZPT TYRES —A Part OF Product Sizes WE CAN Offer
RUBBER Observe&colon
350X90Z&comma 350X90W&comma 400X90&comma 150X72&comma 180X60&comma 180X72&comma 300X52&period5 ect&period of time

Solid TIRE&colon
4&period00-eight&comma 15X4 one&sol2-eight&comma five&period00-eight&comma 16X6-eight&comma 18X7-eight&comma 21X8-nine&comma 23X9-ten&comma 27X10-12&comma 6&period00-9&comma six&period50-ten&comma 200&sol50-10&comma seven&period00-9&comma 7&period00-twelve&comma seven&period00-15&comma 7&period50-fifteen&comma seven&period50-16&comma 825-fifteen&comma 825-twelve&comma 815-15&comma 825-20&comma 750-twenty&comma 250-15&comma 900-sixteen&comma 300-15&comma 28X12&period5-fifteen&comma 32X12&period1-fifteen&comma 9&period00-twenty&comma ten&period00-twenty&comma eleven&period00-twenty&comma 12&period00-twenty&comma 12&period00-24&comma 14&period00-24&comma seventeen&period5-25&comma 23&period5-25 ect&period of time

10-sixteen&period5 12-sixteen&period5 fourteen-seventeen&period5 15-19&period5

TRAILER TIRES&colon eight-fourteen&period5&comma ten&period00-20&comma eleven-22&period5 ect

BIAS OTR&colon
24 inch&colon 1300-24&comma 1400-24
twenty five inch&colon 1800-25&comma 1300-twenty five&comma fifteen&period5-twenty five&comma seventeen&period5-25&comma twenty&period5-twenty five&comma 23&period5-twenty five&comma 26&period5-25&comma 29&period5-twenty five
29 inch&colon 29&period5-29&comma 33&period25-29
33 inch&colon 1800-33&comma 2100-33&comma 35&sol65-33
35 inch&colon 2100-35&comma 37&period5-35&comma 33&period25-35&comma 2400-35
39 inch&colon 37&period5-39&comma 45&sol65-39&comma 40&sol65-39&comma 41&period25&sol70-39
forty five inch&colon 45&sol65-forty five
forty nine inch&colon 2400-forty nine&comma 2700-49&comma 31&sol90-49
51 inch&colon 3000-51&comma 3300-51&comma 3600-51
57 inch&colon 3700-57&comma 4000-fifty seven

PORT Tire&colon twelve&period00-24&comma 14&period00-24&comma 16&period00-25&comma eighteen&period00-twenty five&comma 21&period00-twenty five&comma 24&period00-29

4&period00-8&comma five&period00-8&comma 6&period00-nine&comma 650-10&comma seven-hundred-12&comma 18X7-8&comma 7&period00-9&comma eight&period15-fifteen&lpar28X9-15&rpar&comma 825-15 ect&interval
Should any of these items be of fascination to you&comma please enable us know&time period We will be happy to share with you a quotation on receipt of your in depth demands&period of time

kind Circle bar diemeter device&lpar&rpar weight excess weight device
casting 16&sol70-20common sort twelve&period2 mm 130 kg
16&sol70-20encryption variety 12&period2 mm two hundred kg
forging sixteen&sol70-20common sort 12&period2 mm one hundred thirty kg
16&sol70-20encryption kind 12&period2 mm two hundred kg
casting  17&period5-25common kind twelve&period2 mm 177 kg
seventeen&period5-25encryption type twelve&period2 mm 254 kg
forging seventeen&period5-25common type twelve&period2 mm 177 kg
17&period5-25encryption variety twelve&period2 mm 254 kg
casting twenty&period5-25common sort 12&period2 mm 235 kg
20&period5-25encryption variety twelve&period2 mm 326 kg
forging twenty&period5-25common kind 12&period2 mm 235 kg
twenty&period5-25encryption variety twelve&period2 mm 326 kg
casting 23&period5-25common variety twelve&period2 mm 270 kg
23&period5-25intensive kind 12&period2 mm 290 kg
23&period5-25encryption variety 14 mm 330 kg
forging 23&period5-25common kind 12&period2 mm 270 kg
23&period5-25intensive variety twelve&period2 mm 290 kg
23&period5-25encryption kind 14 mm 330 kg
casting 26&period5-25common type sixteen mm 480 kg
26&period5-25encryption type 18 mm seven hundred kg
forging 26&period5-25common variety sixteen mm 480 kg
26&period5-25encryption type eighteen mm seven hundred kg
29&period5-25common type 13 mm 470 kg
29&period5-25intensive kind 16 mm 580 kg
29&period5-25encryption sort eighteen mm 830 kg
forging 29&period5-25common sort 13 mm 470 kg
29&period5-25intensive type 16 mm 580 kg
29&period5-25encryption sort 18 mm 830 kg
casting 29&period5-29common variety 16 mm 600 kg
29&period5-29encryption variety eighteen mm 880 kg
forging 29&period5-29common kind 16 mm 600 kg
29&period5-29encryption sort eighteen mm 880 kg
casting 35&sol65-33common sort eighteen mm 750 kg
35&sol65-33 encryption kind 18 mm 1050 kg
forging 35&sol65-33common kind eighteen mm 750 kg
35&sol65-33encryption type 18 mm 1050 kg
casting forty&sol65-39common sort 18 mm 1100 kg
forty&sol65-39encryption variety eighteen mm 1350 kg
forging forty&sol65-39common variety 18 mm 1100 kg
forty&sol65-39encryption variety 18 mm 1350 kg
casting 41&period25&sol70-39common kind 18 mm 1400 kg
forging 41&period25&sol70-39common variety 18 mm 1400 kg
casting 24&colon00-35common sort 18 mm 860 kg
forging 24&colon00-35common kind 18 mm 860 kg
casting 55&sol80-57common sort 18 mm 5600 kg
fifty five&sol80-57common variety 18 mm 5600 kg
casting 50&sol80-57common variety 18 mm 2400 kg
forging 50&sol80-57common type 18 mm 2400 kg
casting fifty two&sol80-57common variety 18 mm 2600 kg
forging fifty two&sol80-57common type 18 mm 2600 kg
casting 53&period5&sol80-57common variety 22 mm 2800 kg
forging fifty three&period5&sol80-57common variety 22 mm 2800 kg
casting 58&sol85-57common sort 22 mm 6100 kg
forging 58&sol85-57common kind 22 mm 6100 kg
casting 70&sol70-57common kind 22 mm 6300 kg
forging 70&sol70-57common variety 22 mm 6300 kg

OTR Tire Protection Chain, 23.5-25 20.5-25 Protection