Sand Chain Bucket Elevator Made in China

sand chain bucket elevator made in china

Silo bucket elevator is specially created to associated with silo which is applicable to carry material in modest dimension and density. Steel or plastic buckets are optional when you purchase,rubber belt or chain type bucket elevator are optional when PK engineers configure the appropriate product.Meanwhile,silo bucket elevator is absolutely enclosed sort to avert dust flying.Silo bucket elevator is commonly employed for conveying powder, granular and non-modest-block mill and grinding of modest components, such as coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore and so on.

Benefits and Attributes
1.Superior style-Reduced electrical power essential, effective influx feeding & guiding discharge, regular operation,compact framework.
2.Extensive variety of software- Practically no limitation for lifting substance varieties and properties.
3.Totally free from pollution- Great sealing issue could properly reduce the environmental air pollution.
four.Superior technology-Superb design and style & dependable production way has drastically ensured the total machine.
5.Developed to suit your operation-Silo bucket elevator can be CZPT to fulfill distinct ability and operating web site.
6.CZPTized driving device-Domestic or CZPTed model can be chosen as for each client’s necessity.

CZPT Parameter:

Silo Bucket CZPT
Design Belt Width mm CZPT Pulley Dia. mm Tail Pulley   Dia. mm Bucket Speed m/s CZPT Shaft Rotation Velocity r/min Steel Bucket Quantity L Metal Bucket Pitch mm Metal Bucket Ability t/h CZPT Bucket Quantity L CZPT Bucket Pitch mm CZPT Bucket Capability t/h
TZD200 200 630 five hundred 1.seventy six 53.5 one.21 300 10 1.21 three hundred ten
1.76 53.five a hundred and fifty 20 a hundred and fifty twenty
2 60 a hundred twenty five thirty 125 thirty
2.seventy five 83.three a hundred and five fifty 105 fifty
TZD250 250 630 five hundred 1.76 53.3 2.35 150 30 two.35 a hundred and fifty 30
one.seventy six fifty three.3 one hundred twenty five 50 one hundred twenty five 50
two.forty two 73.5 125 eighty a hundred twenty five 80
three ninety one.9 one hundred twenty five a hundred one hundred twenty five a hundred
TZD300 three hundred 710 565 1.ninety three 52.5 six 215 80 145 fifty
2.2 sixty 215 100 145 80
three.05 eighty two.2 215 150 one hundred forty five one hundred
TZD400 four hundred 710 565 one.ninety three 52.5 8.four 215 100 6.1 195 80
two.two sixty 215 a hundred and fifty 195 a hundred
3.05 82.two 215 200 195 150
TZD500 500 800 655 1.97 forty seven ten.9 215 150 11.5 255 one hundred
2.2 52.8 215 200 255 one hundred fifty
3.1 74 215 three hundred 255 two hundred
TZD650 650 800 655 two.two fifty two.eight 2X6 215 two hundred 2X3.1 one hundred forty five a hundred and fifty
2.seventy six 66 215 three hundred a hundred forty five two hundred
three.87 92.five 215 400 a hundred forty five three hundred
TZD800 800 1140 930 2.5 41.6 2X8.four 215 400 2X6.1 195 two hundred
three.fifteen 52.5 215 500 195 three hundred
3.ninety four 66 215 600 195 400

Selection Conditions  

♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Sure or No)
♦Handling ability (Ps. It implies the overall ♦Working surroundings is indoor or outdoor:________
substance capability feeding from the inlet): _____t/h ♦Material is liquid or not:___________(Ps. Sure or No)
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 ♦Working surroundings temperature: _______ ºC
♦Lifting top of the elevator (distance  between ♦Upstream tools (Ps. It implies what kind of
 inlet and outlet):__________m equipment is employed to feed the content): _____
♦Max. granule measurement of the feeding content: ____mm ♦Downstream equipment (Ps. It implies what type of
♦Percentage of Max. granule in materials:_________% gear is utilized to discharge the substance): _____
♦Material temperature: _____ºC ♦Working energy provide: _____V ______HZ 
♦water content material:____%  

We largely supply the following toolss :

Vibrating Screen Rotary vibrating screen
Ultrasonic vibrating display
Gyratory monitor
Trommel display
CZPT vibrating monitor
Circular vibrating monitor
Dewatering display screen
Vibrating feeder
Belt CZPT Belt conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor
Portable belt conveyor
Shuttle conveyor
Bucket CZPT Efficient bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator
Ring chain bucket elevator
Plate chain bucket elevator
Cement bucket elevator
Silo bucket elevator
Screw CZPT U-type screw conveyor
Cement screw conveyor
Pipe screw conveyor
Scraper CZPT Horizontal scraper chain conveyor
Incline scraper chain conveyor
Grain scraper chain conveyor


Sand Chain Bucket Elevator Made in China